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Sustainable Energy Systems Presents

100 % Solar Marine Propulsion

Solar Sal Diagram
Clean                  Quiet                  Reliable

I Want One

Let us build one for you!

Contact us and we can arrange for one of our partners to build the solar boat of your dreams.  Our licensed designers and builders can create a solar boat that will take care of you, and turn heads, for many years to come.  The designs you see here can built as drawn, or modified to suit your needs and desires
How Much?

Let's face it, custom built wooden boats are not cheap.  And our solar drive system does cost a little more than a big ol' diesel.  
However, our partners build works of true craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.  With zero fuel costs and no engine to maintain, your lifetime operating costs are minimal. And the value of 100% sustainable transportation is priceless. 

“Investing in a Solar Sal boat is a deposit into your happiness bank account.” - Alex B.
Cost Comparisons
It is difficult to do an apples to apples cost comparison to fossil fuel boats, both because power options are individual, and all motor boats have electric systems as well as fuel systems.  That said, here are some numbers for materials only.  
Solar panels, batteries and drive motor for SS44 cost approximately $37,500.  Compare to a 300 hp diesel at roughtly $30,000. We went with more expensive flexible panels and lithium ion batteries on the SS27.  Cost for panels, batteries and drive motor for that system was about $24,500.  Regular aluminium and glass panels and lead acid batteries would cut that cost by over $10,000.  Compare to outboards: about $11,700 for 150 hp, or about $27,000 for 300 hp.  Again, these numbers are for comparison only. Add labor to all of the above figures. 
Want to cut your purchase and ownership expenses in half?

Or double the size of boat you can afford?

Consider a boat-sharing arrangement.  Sharing ownership with one, two or three other parties can be a great way to reduce cost and increase the amount of TLC that your vessel receives. 
Contact us and we can connect you with other interested parties in your area. 
Investment Opportunities

  • Buy a boat
  • Sponsor the build of a boat
  • Sponsor part of a boat
  • Or simply invest in the future of green marine transportation 
  • Contact us to learn about the benefits of investing and how your contribution can make a difference
For Boatbuilders

Do you have ideas for your own solar boat but don't want to invest in the research and development?   We will consult with you and license our technology to make your project successful.  We do not charge anything up front for this service. All we ask is a modest license fee for each boat you sell.