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Sustainable Energy Systems Presents

100 % Solar Marine Propulsion

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Clean                  Quiet                  Reliable
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Our patent-pending boats are designed from the hull up to rely only on the sun.  These 100% solar vessels require no fuel or shore power.
They are low maintenance, practical, and fun.


Live Your Values

You could be a retiring or downsizing sailor. Perhaps you are an up-and-coming professional searching for your first yacht. Maybe you simply love classic boats. Either way, you value sustainability or you wouldn't be here on this page.  Wouldn't your lake, river or sound be a classier place with a boat that is in allignment with your values?   Through our licensed  partners, we can design and build the solar boat of your dreams,
 ... and your values.

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April 25-27, 2019

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Solar Sal Vessels

​​* Sal was the name of a mule made famous by this song.

Solar Sal 44T is becoming the first US Coast Guard inspected solar-electric "T" boat.   

Perfect for taking the family out on the lake, or as a pocket cruiser. Fully trailerable. 

Cruisers that never need to visit the fuel dock! 
The Vision:
Capt. David Borton, Ph.D.